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Choosing a Reliable Employee Fingerprinting Company

Nearly all industries and employers have started using some kind of background screening before they take in new applicants. Some of these companies rely on a basic criminal background search, butt others may require more advanced searches, including fingerprinting and even drug checks, to help them decide whether a prospective hire is good for their business or not.

If you are planning to add fingerprinting to the applicant screening process in your company, there are a few things you have to know. First of all, depending on the your industry or type of business, fingerprinting job applicants before making job offers may actually be a legal requirement. Two examples are businesses in the healthcare and finance sectors, with the education industry apparently following suit.

Clearly, if you belong in an industry where background checking and fingerprinting is required, then you need to have concrete plan in place. Unfortunately, a lot of employers increase their vulnerability to issues by thinking that one type of background check is adequate.

For most businesses, incorporating fingerprinting with several other screening methods has worked more for them. In reality, there is no one form of background screening that is adequate, so it’s a must that all relevant measures are taken to ensure that there are no security loopholes in terms of hiring new applicants. When searching for a fingerprinting service, these are the most important considerations you need to make:

Fast Results

Pick a service that is known for providing quick and accurate results. Some will even offer screening packages that can be done in just minutes, from drug tests to integrity tests and everything in between.

Comprehensive Services

You should also be able to expect expert from them through certified human resource experts as needed.

Useful and Easy-to-Understand Reports

As with an executive summary, a report from your chosen fingerprinting service must be in a format that shows you all the pertinent information on the first page of the document. In one look, you should be able to see if the applicant has met your hiring requirements, so you can shift your focus on other matters that also need your attention.

You shouldn’t have to call somebody or ask for an interpreter who can help you understand what the results are saying. Any criminal record hits must be shown to you in a user-friendly format. The report should be completely code- or jargon-free.

Multiple Locations

Lastly, check how many locations the fingerprinting service has. Having to drive for hours just to get fingerprinted can discourage some applicants.

What Do You Know About Experts

What Do You Know About Experts