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Reusable Menstrual Cup Uses and Benefits

A large number of women have a problem when it comes in controlling menstrual fluid during menstruation. At times, the fluid is heavy and is not completely absorbed by a pad or a tampon. Now you do not have to go through this challenge anymore thanks to the invention of menstrual cups. A menstrual cup is a gadget that does not absorb menstrual fluid like a pad or tampon but rather collects it. This article highlights the advantages and usage of a menstrual cup

To get to properly use the menstrual cup, you start by first folding and pinching it then you get to insert it when you have a flow. If you got to properly fold and pinch the menstrual cup, it will easy align itself in the passage walls. The cup gets to ensure that there is no space left between the passage walls and the cup itself. You may also choose to twist the menstrual cup so as to make sure that it is completely open. A menstrual cup should not be able to cause any leakages or cause the user discomfort if it is properly inserted. If you need some lubrication when inserting the menstrual cup, you should make sure it is water-based. This is due to the fact that no liquid bases lubricants might end up damaging the silicon.

Menstrual cups has a lot of benefits as compared to pads and tampons. First and foremost, a menstrual cup is cost friendly. This is because it can be used for a period of up to five years as opposed to pads and tampons which are used just once. Pads and tampons are only used once and you will have to purchase more unlike a menstrual cup which you will get to use one for up to five years plus. You will be amazed by the amount you will get to save once you choose to use menstrual cups.

A menstrual cup ensures that it collect all the menstrual fluid and none gets to leak out. Pads and tampons get to leak menstrual fluid especially when you are having a heavy downpour. If The menstrual fluid gets to leak, you are likely to end up with a patch on your clothes. However, by using a menstrual cup, you are assured that such a case is never going to happen to you.

Using a menstrual cup ensures that you are always comfortable. Sometimes, pads get to cause discomfort, especially when you get to feel that there is heavy menstrual fluid downpour. The use of menstrual cups ensures that such problems become history.

Menstrual cup usage reduces waste dumping. This is because when you are menstruating, you are likely to use several pads that will require disposal. This is why you are likely to come across used pads that were not proper disposed.

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