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Food is a vital element necessary for human growth. Despite being basic need, some people do not have food. When such things happen, it can be really sad because many lives are cut short. The only way suffering countries will be able to get food is if other counties that are doing well decide to send relief food and aid to the challenged countries. Donating these food commodities to countries that are hunger stricken is the best humanitarian help that a country blessed with so much food can do. There are some important elements that one must have in mind first before donating food.

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the food you give is nutritious. Donating foo that is not nutritious will not benefit the people in need as they are empty calories. Choosing to donate nutritious food is essential as that may help reverse the many effects of malnutrition such as “kwashiorkor” a condition where the stomach gets distended. When selecting food to donate, you may consider investing in superfoods such as spirulina which is packed with nutritious elements such as carbohydrates, a host of proteins and many other vitamins.

The second important thing to do is to check if the food is of high quality or not. Conduct tests as that is how you can find out if the food products are safe for human consumption. To avoid any scandals, ensure that you have it tested because in the event something happens, you will be held accountable.

Seeing that there are many different ways of farming, it is important that you ensure that you choose suppliers who plant the food under excellent and acceptable conditions. Ensure that the spirulina that you buy from farmers is healthy and organic as that will improve the health of people.

In summary, foods should be well chosen and packaged as this will keep them longer and will meet people’s needs. Therefore in a bid o ensure that this is possible, it is necessary to ensure that the staff members working with you to package and prepare the food are well trained and equipped with the necessary skill to attain this goal. The effort and work put into preparing the food will influence the quality of the food that you give in the long run; therefore do not settle for unqualified people as that may cause you a lot of trouble.

Donating food is a worthy cause, and one should put some thought into it.

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