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Requirements of Free conference Call Services.
Free conference call refers to the use of telecommunication system by people by people in different geographical regions to hold a live seminar. There are two types of conference calls where there is an interactive session among the stakeholders or the conference participants’ only listens to the call. This is achievable through the use of telephones that are linked to a telephone bridge. Advancement in information technology has led to immense development in business due the ease in coordination from efficient communication. This simultaneously reduces time wasted through travelling and can be utilized in better resourceful ways.
Free conference call has all the advantages in that it has no organizer fee as the service is provided by free conference call companies that are compensated through revenue sharing with the local phone company. The terminating service charge paid by the clients is shared between the phone company in ownership of the telephone bridge and the free conference company which necessitates the need to set proper business protocols. Business firms benefits from low services required to run and maintain free conference call services as the service providers are very stable and in good business firms.
Free conference calls are designed in such a way that the conference proceedings can be recorded in a simple and clear audio without omitting any detail. Business firms using free conference calls have affirmed that it is very easy to retrieve previous conference audios as opposed to the detailed and bulky literature.
The confidentiality of the conference stakeholders is observed as free conference calls require special codes for security logins hence no unauthorized personnel can take part in the conference. The number of conference stakeholders that can participate in a free conference call is high thus no one is barred from being part of the conference due to limitation of resources. Free conference calls have helped business firms and organization to overcome the challenge of conference absenteeism by the participants. Business firms can conduct a free conference of six hours at their convenient pace at any time of the day. Business firms can conduct free conference call any time need arises as the free conference calls does not specify the maximum number of calls one can make. Local and international stakeholders can participate in one conference as free conference call service operate globally.
Business firms can acquire free conference call services from the information provided by the free conference call services in the internet. Conducting a tangible conference involves a lot of formalities which are generally expensive which necessitates making of free conference calls in most business firms. To fit in the digitalized world, free conference call subscription with a free conference company is inevitable by any type of a business firm.

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