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Simple and Healthy Superfood Smoothies

While it is true that your body can get all the nutrients and minerals it needs from one food, which is otherwise called as superfood, it causes intimidation to some to try it out. Consider finishing reading the entire content of this article as you are going to learn the different types of superfoods smoothies you should try.

But before that, let’s get to know briefly what superfoods really mean. Superfoods actually does great thing to your body as they are filled with lots of nutrients that the body needs and all natural. Mainly because of the fact that these foods are free from GMOs and organic, it only indicates that it’s sustainable, healthy and fresh. Following are several superfood options that you can try to integrate into your diet.

Number 1. Chia seeds – if you are searching for green superfood smoothies, then you’ve made the right choice. By integrating these supersedes to your diet, it can help in improving your brain activity due to the high contents of omega fatty acids it has. In addition to that, it’s been proven to be great for your heart by means of fighting high cholesterol as well as heart disease.

If you think that is all, chia seeds boast wide varieties of nutrients similar to fiber, protein, vitamins, amino acids, iron, minerals, antioxidants and calcium. When you are using chia seeds as smoothie, just 3tbsp of it is fine.

Number 2. Coconut oil – if you want to lose weight by working out, then it is important to include coconut oil in your diet. The fatty acids that this superfood contains help in fighting the fats in your body by means of converting them into energy which then boosts its metabolism. Put only 1tbsp of coconut oil when making smoothies.

Number 3. Avocado – avocado should be take a big part of your diet and qualified as superfood at super price if you buy it at the season. You can actually make these superfood smoothies by adding guacamole or if you like to, you can even eat it by themselves. Believe it or not, avocados contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals as well as beneficial plant compounds that are sure to boost your smoothies.

It is also loaded with healthy fats for the heart and can keep you fuller for longer stretch of time while making your skin glow.

Number 4. Cacao powder – cacao is actually filled with 2 things most people love and these are flavor and antioxidant. The antioxidant boosts the immune system of your body to repel common sickness while its rich flavor makes it a delectable dessert.

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